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A Road Less Travelled

Private luxury travel with Latitude South is about deep connection to place.
It’s about doors being opened to you as a visitor – a friend.

Our people are the gateway to the locations, the encounters and the experiences that reveal the heart and soul of Australia and New Zealand while immersing you in these extraordinary lands near the end of the earth. Join us; come along for one of the most personally gratifying and inspiring journeys of your life…

The unequivocal beauty of New Zealand beckons you to stop, breathe & feel the exhiliration of this magnificent place

Australia is not to be experienced at arm’s reach.  Touch, feel & breathe in this great southern continent with Latitude South.

Latitude South Travel Company

We are a bespoke travel company that specializes in high-touch, totally authentic trips to New Zealand and Australia with stopover opportunities in the Fiji and Cook Islands.

Hand-picked experiences to thrill and inspire based on your own individual dreams and goals.

Move you away from mass tourism and into the homes, hearts and treasured places.

Experience an artful blend of luxury and authenticity.

To Travel is to Live

Hans Christian Andersen

Experiences to last a life time

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