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Australia - Luxury Private Vacations, Luxury Trips


Latitude South’s Australia – your Australia – is a place of incredibly diverse environments, captivating wildlife, a completely distinctive, ancient indigenous culture and a friendly, laid back local atmosphere. If your dream is a luxury vacation, Australia will not disappoint. If you are hoping for a vacation tailored to fit you and filled with new adventures sure to appeal to your individual interests, Latitude South’s Australia promises a myriad of unique, exciting and wholly authentic experiences.

From snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef and hiking amongst wildlife seen nowhere else on earth to exploring the country’s well-established wineries and wonderfully varied artisan food producers. Your carefully-crafted travel itinerary, with an emphasis on luxury, will be designed to inspire and thrill, offering rare opportunities to connect with your surroundings in a ‘hand’s on’, unaffected way, engage with the local characters and culture in each of the locations you will visit and experience the inimitable animals of this great southern continent in the own wild habitat.

The traveler sees what he sees.
The tourist sees what he has come to see.

G.K. Chesterton

Designed totally around you – your dreams and interests for your time in Australia, our personally crafted luxury vacations reflect our constant commitment to unique experiences that take you well beyond the tourist façade.  Far from the madding crowds, you won’t get swallowed up by the tourist throngs with Latitude South.  Personally relevant, luxury Australian experiences are what we do best, with our passion for this vast and inimitable continent shining through at every surprising and personally rewarding turn.

By visiting our Inspiration page and selecting your individual interests for your time in this vast red earthed country, you’re on your way to living the reality that is Australia – Start living now…

Sample Itineraries

While all Latitude South luxury vacations are completely customized around your specific ideas and expectations for your trip; we have included some sample itineraries below to showcase our capabilities in planning and managing genuine vacations of a lifetime!

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