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About Us

Founded by Karen Pettit-Lind in Marin County, California in 2001, with offices in Auckland & Nelson, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia, our mission at Latitude South is to ensure you are never a ‘tourist’, rather a cherished visitor, welcomed to Australia and New Zealand on the most warm, hospitable terms.  Indeed, it was their desire to provide an ‘on the ground’ welcome that formed part of Karen & family’s decision to move back to her homeland in 2013 where they now call the top of the South Island’s Nelson Tasman region home.

Latitude South specializes in journeys that take you deeply beyond the tourism façade of Australia and New Zealand with authentic, unaffected and humancentric experiences at the heart of all that we do.

Unlike many specialist, luxury provider’s in Australia and New Zealand – we don’t simply present a travel itinerary that reflects the best known (and as a result, the most touristed) aspects of each country, rather, we collaborate with you in person and  develop an understanding of who you are – the individual with unique dreams for your time in Australia and/or New Zealand.  As a result of our initial, complimentary consultation (generally lasting 30 – 60 minutes), we prepare an exclusive and inspirational vacation that includes both a careful selection of well-known places and activities along with a much greater emphasis on the attributes of New Zealand and Australia that get you away from the crowds.  We focus on the polar opposite of mass-tourism.  Think of Latitude South as your intimately knowledgeable, very well-connected and doggedly authentic ‘on the ground’ partner.

The value we consistently add to the trip planning experience is deep, wide-ranging and dependable.  We meticulously manage your arrangements and ensure that the care we put into planning and managing your journey becomes wholly evident in the living of your days and weeks in our beautifully unique part of the world.

The traveler sees what he sees.
The tourist sees what he has come to see.

G.K. Chesterton

“Personal, professional and attentive to details, Latitude South orchestrated an amazing adventure! Rather than roll out a canned itinerary of cliches, our travel agent took the time to call us and delve into our interests, past experiences and personalities before concocting a marvelous plan that exceeded our expectations! Anticipating every one of our questions and adding her own, perceptive insight, our agent assisted us at every level which allowed us to feel relaxed and confident even before our departure.

As the vacation unfolded, all of our connections, tours and accommodations were managed with seamless precision, and each event seemed more marvelous than the last.Our pictures are stunning, yet it was the wonderful, knowledgeable and caring people we met who insured the emotional imprint this experience has had on our lives!

The culture, character and enthusiasm of their countries were personified by Latitude South, in Nelson NZ, as well as by our exceptional guides. Thank you for embracing us and entrusting us with your knowledge, humor and grace.”

Peter & Jean, New York, USA – March, 2017

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