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Why Latitude South

Since 2001, Latitude South has been a different kind of travel company. A travel company that values the individual and celebrates the magnificent countries of Australia and New Zealand. Our goal is to understand each client that we work with, get under the skin of the individual and match client interests, dreams and time parameters with vacations that honour the unique travel aspirations of each of our clients. By getting to know you; understanding your ideas and expectations, we create journeys that resonate with you, very individually in a mindful and meaningful way.

Our clients love us…

The traveler sees what he sees.
The tourist sees what he has come to see.

G.K. Chesterton

It’s in our hearts…

You may have noticed the little heart that pops up in various places on our website. While it’s a wonderful little design feature that we love, it has a deeper meaning. We care about what we do and we think it shows in the trips that we design and the journeys that our clients ultimately experience when travelling with Latitude South. We do not ‘sell’ vacations. Rather, your interests, expectations and overarching goals for your time in our part of the world are of paramount importance to us and we are not going to simply ‘sell’ you a trip for the sake of making a sale. You are entrusting us with days of your life and, more often than not, a reasonable amount of your money and we will not waste days of your life or take your money if we do not feel that we are able to offer something extraordinary in return.

A few other points as you ponder the question, ‘Why Latitude South’…

We are New Zealand natives with offices in Nelson and Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia.

Our proprietary blend of accommodations, guides and other related travel providers who will be involved in the successful delivery of your vacation arrangements are known to us and vetted by us – personally. Most of our partners are not just known as suppliers, we have friendly, transparent and long-standing relationships with them and without a doubt, this translates to some pretty wonderful, personalized experiences for our clients where our partners go ‘above and beyond’ on a regular basis.

Our company is family owned and operated and we take a great deal of pride in the level of service and exclusivity delivered to our clients – this is evidenced by consistently outstanding reviews from our past clients – many of whom are prepared to provide in-person references based on their own experiences with our company.

We are committed to being 100% accountable – before your vacation, during your vacation and beyond. If you need support whilst travelling, we are based in Nelson, at the top of New Zealand’s spectacular South Island and are passionate about ‘getting it right’ and ultimately elevating your experience. We approach your vacation as if it were our own and take that responsibility seriously.

We are passionate about providing our clients with authentic, hyper-personalized vacations that focus on both the iconic aspects of Australia and New Zealand along with the rarely seen wilderness spaces, the unique indigenous culture and excellent, locally sourced, beautifully executed food and wine in each of New Zealand regions you will visit.

In addition to ‘seeing’ Australia and New Zealand, we would be remiss if we didn’t offer opportunities for you to touch and feel the countries by meeting the local characters that we feel connect you to local life in Australia and New Zealand. In these opportunities for human connection lie the unexpected moments during which you’ll live, laugh, touch and taste what it is to truly experience these remarkable countries near the end of the earth.

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