Karen Pettit

Company Founder

Karen has long been involved in the travel industry within both Australia and New Zealand. Travel and adventure are her passions. Karen started Latitude South Travel Company in 2001 and, along with her team, has created a boutique travel company which is renowned for specializing in custom-tailored travel for independent clients with a strong emphasis on nature, outdoor experiences, activities and hiking.  Karen personally hand-picks lodgings and exclusive food & wine encounters to match her clients’ requirements, including select dining arrangements at the company’s premier partner establishments.

Karen divides her time between her New Zealand base of Nelson at the top of the country’s spectacular South Island, and the San Francisco Bay Area, along with regular visits to Australia, Fiji and the Cook Islands.

Sandra Unwin

Goddess of Organisation

Karen’s sister, Sandra, has been involved in the company since 2011 when Latitude South required more managerial talent to back up its knowledge of tour companies.  Australia and New Zealand are well-known to Sandra, who is currently based in the Hawkes Bay area of New Zealand.

Her background in recruitment and management make her a natural choice to handle operations and quality assurance aspects of the company, and ensure that company ownership and management is kept within the family.  Sandra also enjoys getting involved with planning client proposals in collaboration with Karen.

Paul Pettit

Sharer of New Zealand

Karen’s father, Paul, is an outdoorsman first and foremost.  His outdoors experience in New Zealand’s spectacular South Island has included hunting, fishing, skiing and hiking – he has in fact virtually hiked the South Island in its entirety!  Along with Karen, Paul manages Latitude South’s privately guided tours and delights in sharing ‘his’ New Zealand with the company’s clients.  His sense of humour and easy-going style go hand-in-hand with his fierce attention to detail and the rigorous quality standards required to execute rewarding and hassle-free private touring for Latitude South clients.