Australia & New Zealand Vacation Packages with
Latitude South

If New Zealand vacation packages or Australia vacation packages are what you’re after, welcome to
the beginning of your journey Down Under!  At Latitude South, New Zealand vacation packages are our
specialty, and we’re every bit as experienced when it comes to Australia.  Vacation packages won’t be
standard or run-of-the-mill with us, and we can’t wait to share the magic and majesty of our favorite
corner of the world. With Latitude South, you can rest assured that you will enjoy a hand-picked New
Zealand vacation package (or, if you choose, one of our Australia vacation packages)
tailor-made exclusively for you.


Experience the best New Zealand vacation packages

Latitude South takes you to the real New Zealand going that extra mile, delivering authentic and fulfilling luxury travel experiences.

We’ll offer you once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to be immersed in the majestic natural scenery, engaging local people and fantastic activities unique to this spectacular land of Aoteoroa, a New Zealand vacation package with a difference.

Find out more about our New Zealand vacation packages or find out more about your travel company, Latitude South.

Once-in-a-lifetime Australia vacation packages

Latitude South’s Australia vacation packages showcase the country’s totally unique landscapes, the ancient and fascinating Aboriginal culture, the inimitable wildlife of this Great Southern Land. Added to this is the delectable food, wine and the finest accommodation and touring available, making our Australia vacation packages completely distinctive and luxurious.

Latitude South’s independent Australian or New Zealand vacation packages are designed to inspire, thrill and totally escape ‘the norm’.  Find out more about our Australia vacation packages.


5 Gold Stars

“We made a lifetime of memories. New Zealand is so amazing. It is like California, Hawaii, Switzerland, the Carribbean all packed into such a small amount of space.

The topper is the people – so warm and friendly that meeting interesting and active people became one of the highlights of our trip. Latitude South’s planning was spectacular. Although it is hard to match Hapuku and Tree Tops; we loved each place we stayed in different ways”
- Lynne & Mike Pentecost, California