Pacific Islands


If there’s one thing that strikes you when you visit the magical Cook Islands or the beautiful country of Fiji; it’s the people.  From the moment you step off your flight in either Avarua or Nadi, the sea of smiling faces envelopes you in a kind of warmth that’s as natural and comforting as the welcoming  tropical environments of these delightful and spectacular lands.  The warmth of the people, the luxury of some of the most spectacular resorts on earth and the many opportunities to be as laid back or as active as you choose make the Cook Islands and Fiji Latitude South’s exclusive and cherished South Pacific Island vacation destinations.

Sun, Sand & Relaxation

Fiji & Cook Islands Luxury Vacations

For Latitude South, both the Fiji Islands and the Cook Islands represent the very essence of all that a tropical vacation stopover should be.  Take your pick of things to do: hike the lush interior of the Islands with a knowledgeable local guide, participate in an ancient indigenous ceremony, laze on the white sand beach after an active New Zealand or Australia adventure tour – or all of the above!  Our partner resorts and activities allow you to enjoy the very best of everything these beautiful Islands have to offer.

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Blessed with 333 stunning islands at various latitudes and with distinct tropical climates, the Fiji Islands are a beautiful blend of rich Melanesian culture with the sophistication of some of the most spectacular accommodations on earth. 

The chance to luxuriate in this stunning tropical environment blended with adventures such as snorkeling, diving, reef fishing, kayaking, hiking and much, much more make this beautiful island nation a natural choice for a two-week, all-encompassing vacation or a two-night stopover on your way home from Australia or New Zealand.

Latitude South’s Fiji is a land of smiling local faces, white sand beaches and a place with many opportunities to delight in the romance of the South Pacific with the one you love.  It’s a country that caters to the romantics – the lovers – just as well as it truly defines the perfect family destination.  Our services extend far beyond the surface of the country and into the interior, the villages and the heart and soul of Fiji – it’s people and its environment.  A trip to Fiji with Latitude South is a trip to the true Fiji, an inimitable and charming country of romance, beauty and the enveloping luxury so unique to this welcoming and beguiling South Pacific paradise.

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Cook Islands

For many, the Cook Islands represent a piece of paradise that still possesses a magical element of mystery.  Tell friends that you’re visiting the Cook Islands and you’ll likely hear a response along the lines of “where’s that”?

For Latitude South, this is exactly the reason we adore this absolutely idyllic island nation.  It is a secret held dear to us that we share with our clients and a country that we love.  From the mainland of Rarotonga to the outer islands of Aitutaki, Atiu, Mitiaro and others, the Cooks are a heavenly destination for couples and families alike.

Rarotonga is a volcanic island with a majestic and diverse landscape – from the jagged mountains and lush tropical forest of the interior to the quintessentially South Pacific white sand, palm fringed beaches of the coastline, this island is our ‘go-to’ for families and couples that wish to participate in the vibrant island life and sprinkle some relaxation and luxury in along the way.  Add to the mainland, the opportunity to visit one of the many outer islands including Aitutaki – a location that is home to arguably one world’s most beautiful lagoons and you have almost as many options for sightseeing, relaxation, activities and romance as there are islands.